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Our diverse selection of commercial real estate loan programs ensures that we can support operators through every phase of their project life cycle.

A Message From Our Board: Our core values of inclusivity, diversity, and respect are emboldened by recent tragic events. Diversified Lending Solutions stands against racism.

Capital Solutions
for Commercial Real Estate

Owners, Investors, and Operators

At Diversified Lending Solutions, we deliver best-in-class service to all of our clients, whether they are small businesses, local investors, large corporations, or institutional investors. Our team of Capital Markets Advisors leverage extensive market and deal structuring expertise as well as cutting-edge technology to obtain the most optimal financing available. Work with us and rest assured that we will: 

Let us work on finding you the right solution to your commercial real estate financing needs. 

Reason To Let Us Be Your
Source For Funding

# 1

Easy Application​

Our online application makes the loan process and document tracking easier.

# 2


We have a wide range of loan products to meet any myriad of borrowing needs.

# 3

Nationwide Funding

We maintain a network of over 150 lenders that make loans across the country.

If We Don’t Bring You 3 Loan Quotes


The Funding You Need, We’ll Pay You $10,000.

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We Broker Projects

We work with borrowers across the nation to obtain financing for their commercial real estate properties. Let us help you secure funding for your project through our vast network of capital providers. 

A Career at Diversified Lending Solutions

Joining the Diversified Lending Solutions team means signing up to help transform local communities by expanding access to capital for small to mid-sized operators with discipline and vision. Our corporate culture celebrates diversity of thought, experience, gender, race, and ethnicity, we treat employees as partners, and make maximizing accessibility to wealth creation in the real estate industry our main priority.

Whatever your career path at Diversified Lending Solutions, you will also find that your efforts are recognized and rewarded with competitive compensation packages and your personal goals and prosperity championed. We care about creating a win-win culture that develops and supports the “whole you”.

A Culture of Collaboration

At DLS, we promote collaborative wealth building and our compensation model is the most financially rewarding in the entire mortgage brokerage industry.

Our employee/shareholder model empowers every person in the company to share in the profits and growth of the company.