Objections From Real Estate Lenders Should Be Expected.

With DLS, so should great loan terms.

Helping Commercial Real Estate Operators

Achieve Exponential Growth

Diversified Lending Solutions is a Capital Advisory firm for small-mid sized real estate operators. We enable experienced sponsors to exponentially grow their portfolios by obtaining larger mortgage loans than they have closed historically, or those that better compliment their property business plans.

Each time a sponsor makes a major leap into new or larger transactions, the expectations of lenders in that ecosystem and sophistication of loan products available changes.

Eric Andrew
President & COO
"We feel a huge responsibility to our clients. We are providing something central to all of our clients’ lives, and serving as a launchpad to their growth."

Common Barriers to Your Growth.

If you have ever been told “We’ll Pass” by a lender or offered unattractive terms, it is likely because you failed to successfully address one of the following objections:


This is a too big of a project for a Sponsor of this size.

This is not a submarket that we want to lend in.

What's the plan for ensuring our loan gets refinanced?

The financial projections and feel too aggressive.

The Sponsors net worth doesn't meet the threshold for the loan amount.

The DLS 3X Growth Process

The 3X Growth Process is a 4-step method used by commercial real estate operators to close deals 3X bigger than they have to-date.

# 1

Litmus Testing

"Litmus Testing" helps operators "look the part" of highly seasoned real estate professionals. We identify weaknesses in their business plans, bios, and operations, and outline a strategic plan to mitigate these issues.

# 2

Objection Smoothing

Knowing your business plan “in general" is not the same as knowing the plan of execution, and knowing how you intend to mitigate all of the risks. We help you get this right so you get faster lender responses, increased lender interest, and fewer lender rejections.

# 3

Loan De-Risking

Lenders want to fund deals, but Sponsors need to make sure the details of their loan offers are as attractive as the preliminary loan quote. The Loan De-Risking Process generates better financing terms and/or improved loan pricing.

# 4

Fact Filtering

"Fact Filtering" makes sure you don't overshare or say anything that can get your loan offer pulled. In this regard, our clients call us the "cheat code". We help you identify the right what, when, where, and how to communicate your loan and project details to each lender.

Close Deals 3X Bigger Than Last Year.

Be more efficient with your time and position yourself for exponential vs incremental growth. If you do, this time next year you could find yourself…

Don't Believe it?

Testimonials from commercial real estate professionals like you who have worked with DLS and believe in the DLS 3X Growth Process.

You are both incredible at this and you guys are the real MVPs! Thank you for getting my $40 Million deal closed on time and great execution.
Allyson P.
CEO, Bodka Creek Capital
I work on large size PUDs and it's critical that I have a capital markets advisor that can manage projects of my scale. DLS does all that and more.
Aviel Biton
CEO, AAI Development LLC
My best experience ever working with a real estate advisor. Unparalleled professionalism and best-in-class execution.
Bill Bates
Private Investor
When I can't get a client loan funded with an Agency loan, DLS is my first call. These guys are commercial real estate tacticians and strategists, and really excel are getting deal deals done.
Nicholas Diamond
Vice President / Loan Originator, Lument
DLS helped me navigate a complicated transaction that easily could have died 5 different times. Their Advisor team is create, smart, strategic, and well-informed about how to get deals done.
Rob Allegro
Private Investor

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