DLS Direct Lending Options

Private Loans bridge and long-term loans for business purpose residential invement properties

Our Direct Lending Solutions

We take a holistic approach supporting to your real estate financing needs, and our primary goal as a direct lender is to ensure that you find the right loan product for your specific business and property needs. We lend on all stabilized and light value-add commercial and residential property types, and we can act as your capital markets advisor to procure funding for deals that don’t match our lending criteria. 

Explore our direct lending programs below.

DLS Direct
Commercial Loan Solutions

DLS Direct
Residential Loan Solutions

The DLS Process

# 1


Evaluate and educate you about realistic financing options for your project, and key loan conditions such as rates, terms, leverage, recourse, reserves and the expected closing timeline.

# 2


Create an Offering Memo to effectively market your loan request to prospective lenders

# 3


Quickly identify the most appropriate lenders for your unique loan request and engage their key decision makers on your behalf.

# 4


Manage multiple lender interactions while emphasizing key deal strengths and mitigants to any weaknesses.

# 5


Use the feedback received from multiple lenders (i.e. soft quotes) to drive best loan terms, manifesting itself in a Letter of Intent or Collateral Term Sheet.

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